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Chill out

My new fridge arrived today - woo hoo! It replaces the one that gave up the ghost on Easter Sunday. Thought about waiting until Wednesday to see if it rose from the dead but I got sick of traipsing downstairs to the little cat-meat fridge every time I wanted milk in my coffee.
Delivery guy called me at 10.55 to advise he was on his way; I was in my car by 11.05 and home by 11.21 - low flying all the way along the Logan Motorway to get home asap. Felt really sorry for the poor delivery guys, wrestling the new beast up my dreadful stairs - would like to have offered them a cold drink for their trouble but my fridge was dead!
They had an even worse time of things removing the carcass. You don't realise how inconvenient a high-set house can be until you try getting large objects up and down those stairs.
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