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How Big is It?

Australia is a big country; we are taught from an early age that our home is the smallest continent but the biggest island. Only fitting that we have some Big Things, then. Most notable are the Sydney Harbour Bridge

and Uluru/Ayers Rock

No-one can ignore the fibreglass monstrosities that adorn the Australian roadside - take for instance Coffs Harbour's Big Banana.
Every north coast tourist owns a photo of themselves taken in front of that thing.

The Big Prawn is too high off the ground for decent photo opportunities.
Pity the neighbours residing opposite, who complain that the prawn's large illuminated eyes shine light into their bedrooms night after night.

More Big Things can be found here. Imagine the touring holiday you could plan, travelling from one Big Thing to another! {/tongue cheek}

ETA: There's a lot of stuff on that Big Things website that I didn't know about. Check out the Big Potato!

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