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An unusual day

... but a good one.
Out of bed by 8.30am which is not the norm for my Saturdays. I had arranged to go to the airport with a friend this morning, while she put a kitten on a flight to Sydney. That accomplished, we decided to drop into the discount factory outlet, seeing as how it was located on Airport Drive and we were already there. Good excuse, no? Anyway, Joanne Mercer was having a sale; this is one of those shoe shops that I normally walk right past, due to their prices, but everything was reduced today. Shoes marked down from $99.95 to $19.95. Boots, from $150 down to $30. I don't know how I did it but I walked out of there without the grey suede ankle boots that I fell in love with. I did buy a pair of ballet flats and sandals though, both marked down.
Next stop was the local pet warehouse so my friend could stock up on cat bikkies. I discovered I had enough loyalty points built up to get a couple bags of Royal Canin for free - that was a little win!
Home then. Had a late lunch, then emptied some junk out of my garden shed and into friend's trailer, then off to the tip we went. By the time we got back it was nearly 5pm; that was the day gone! Spent the next hour putting together a little CD cabinet I bought yesterday.
Mucked about, fed cats, watched a DVD...so, that was today.
Oh, and turned off all the lights at 8pm, for an hour. Happy Earth Hour Day everyone.
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