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Go You Mighty Bunnies

I should preface this entry by saying that I don't follow rugby league, and the sum total of my knowledge about the game could be written in texta on the underside of my thumbnail. All day, though, I've been listening to a radio promotion for tonight's Monday Night Football, and it's left me rather bemused, as it involves a team called the South Sydney Rabbits.
Rabbits? Cuddly little bundles of fluff that generations of kids have cared for in their little hutches? Beady eyes and twitchy noses, bearers of chocolatey goodness at Easter? Boy, now I'm really scared.
I can understand the imagery behind names like Penrith Panthers or Balmain Tigers; both strong jungle cats you wouldn't want to meet face to face. Other teams like the Gold Coast Titans, the Melbourne Storm, the Canberra Raiders, St.George Dragons and Brisbane Broncos conjure up a wild, powerful image. Both the Cronulla Sharks and the Canterbury Bulldogs sound ferocious and tenacious, not to be taken lightly. Even the Parramatta Eels are kinda fearsome in a slimy sort of way.
But - Rabbits? This is Russell Crowe's team, he who allegedly gets involved in alleged hotel fights in my old hometown, and has a penchant for telephone tossing. You think they'd come up with something a bit harder than Rabbits.
Of course, there's also the Sydney Roosters. I guess they could peck you to death.
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