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May You Live in Interesting Times

It seems I've had the Chinese curse laid upon me - things couldn't get more interesting than they are at present.
Day got off to a great start with the news of a possible merger between my employer and one of the Big Four banks. I'm not terribly worried; they're saying that all branches will be retained, and that our brand would remain intact, so that's a positive sign. And anyway, if redundancies were being offered (forced?) they're most likely to shed the newer people first. It's simple economics; most redundancy packages have a provision for length-of-service payments, and us old-timers would simply cost a lot more to pay out than some of the spring chickens.
Should the worst come to the worst, I have over three months' holiday and long service leave accrued. Add a redundancy payout to that, and I wouldn't need to worry for at least six months.
Two other factors in my favour - my results, and my recent re-election to the Qld Council of the Financial Services Union. Not that I expect the latter to protect me from job loss, but at least I'd have the Union's assistance in finding alternative employment.
So. Interesting? Yes. Worrying? Not really. We'll wait and see.

Taking off my Banker hat, and donning my Cat Fancy beret, last Saturday was the Birman Cat Fanciers of Qld's annual show. And for the first time ever, I went without actually exhibiting. It felt really strange, not to have a cat there. Still had a marvellous day, though, stewarding with the Longhair Kittens. It's always such a treat to see so many Birmans in one place. Once again there were a couple I could easily have taken home, if their owners had let me.
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