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So how was your week?

This last week has been busy; I crammed a lot in so it seems like it was longer than it really was. First week of my holidays and I had a friend staying with me. We shopped, we lunched, we watched endless episodes of The Professionals and The Sentinel; we went to Ikea where I bought new bedroom furniture (8-drawer chest is still sitting on my loungeroom floor awaiting assembly) and generally had a great time. As I took her to the airport yesterday morning she thanked me for the week, and said it was great spending time with someone who is way out there, like Abby from NCIS....
I'm not, you know. But from her POV - extremely conservative - I seem a little loopy, apparently.
Funniest moment - bringing in the washing, holding up her full-brief Cottontails and explaining that there is a reason why they're called "smalls", and suggesting she rethink the whole underwear thing. At the airport yesterday she had to open her luggage and find the cigarette lighter she'd thrown into the case; and there were those Cottontails in full view of everyone in the terminal.

During the week my new blinds arrived; they're external louvre blinds for the two big west-facing windows. The installers wouldn't fit one of them due to its proximity to a large wasp nest, so that night while the wasps were sleeping I sprayed them, then rang the next day and re-booked the installation. They're coming next Tuesday now.

On Wednesday we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I must confess that if I had been watching it at home, there's a few places where I would have wandered off to do something else. BUT, having said that - I watched to the end, I did enjoy the movie, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to escape everyday life for a couple of hours.

It rained steadily from Wednesday through to earlier this morning, and there's more on the way for tomorrow apparently. My lawn has taken on a nice light green tinge and my shrubs no longer look droopy. We still need good follow-up rain, though.

Yesterday, after seeing friend onto plane, I went to a farewell lunch for the workmate who resigned. It was interesting to learn that another lender had resigned during the past week; this guy had only been with us for such a short period of time that I hadn't even added him to my email group for South Lenders.

And that was the week that was.
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