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It's the little things....

I was watching The Gruen Transfer on the ABC last night, and they referred to an ad campaign run by Chevrolet in 2006. Apparently they asked people to submit their own ads for their new SUV called the Tahoe - but had to pull their campaign quite quickly when they started receiving submissions like this. Really, what did they expect?

Over the last two days I've managed to knock over a few of those little jobs that I seem to keep putting off. For instance, the tracks in my sliding window frames had collected an assortment of dead bugs, cat hair and dust and were really quite gross, as it's not something I think to clean regularly. Now they're as shiny as the day they were installed. Finally got around to finishing off the judge's invitations for our August show, as well. And redesigned my vaccination cards (using a picture photoshopped for me by entropy_house on the front)so that they are now personalised.
Back to work next week - I could still do with another fortnight off, I reckon, just to catch up with all the other little things I'd like to get done.
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