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Scary times

I took Ratty to the vet today for some much-needed dental work. Vet was happy for me to take her home at 6pm, even though she'd only commenced the surgery at 3.30pm, because as a breeder I've had experience of post-op cats (usually mums after c-section, with their bubs). I was comfortable taking her, too; after all, she's healthy (although 9 years old) and was only having her teeth done, what could go wrong?
It's worrying enough when the cat is lying in her cage with eyes open but is non-responsive, as she's still totally under, but when she starts seizing... whoo boy, I was so not prepared for that. I'm glad it happened before I left the surgery otherwise I'd have freaked out completely; as it was it was frightening enough to watch.
Still, vet checked her heart and pronounced her still well enough to travel, her rationale being that Ratty is a nervous cat to start with and would be much happier in her own surroundings.
She's home now, settled into a well-padded breeding box. I left her in her carry cage until shortly after 11pm as she was still really groggy, and checked on her every half an hour. Even now her back legs want to go in a different direction to the rest of her body so she's quite content to curl up in her little nest. What she needs now is dark, and quiet, and rest.
I, on the other hand, need a stiff drink.
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