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No Wonder I Switched To Primus

As those who know me are aware, I moved house last month. Two days prior to the big day I rang Telstra to change the address on my mobile bills. I currently get two bills - one for my mobile and one for my son's (don't ask).
All fixed - or so I thought. Earlier this month I received a bill for 65cents on my son's mobile account, and it was sent to my old address, redirected by Australia Post. My own mobile bill came straight to my new address. Then yesterday I received a bill for Jay's phone, sent to my new address, with service rental charges for periods already paid for. I rang Telstra and was told they had to close off my old account, open a new one, and a refund cheque was in the mail. And - this is the good bit - they sent it to my old address. Why? I asked. You have my new address, you sent my new bill here, why send the cheque to the old address? Because, I was told, that is where I lived when the charges were accrued.

I wish the government would finish privatising Telstra, and suddenly staff were accountable for the sheer idiocy of their policies. I'm only sorry I've already awarded my WTF for May, because this kind of ludicrous rubbish would win hands down.

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