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They HAD to be kidding.

WOW Sight and Sound has been advertising a huge sale so I took a wander over there today. First thing I found, in the DVD section, was Series One of Judge John Deed - apparently it was released in Australia in April but I hadn't checked on it for a while.
Anyway. When I went to pay for it, the price rang up as $129.95. "That can't be right," thought I, "it was only going to cost about $40 to buy from amazon.co.uk." I asked the checkout operator to check on the price, and she did go off, but came back with the news that the price was correct. No way was I paying that much for six episodes, not when I could get the thing for a third of the price from the UK.
Later in the day I met my son for lunch at Garden City, and while I was there I checked out the DVD stores. Both the ABC shop and Borders had JJD for $39.95. *grin*

Current viewing is Snuff Box which I found at the ABC shop last week. Both bizarre and fascinating. I can take or leave Matt Berry, but the series is worth it just for Rich Fulcher.

Been thinking about getting Californication as it's been recommended quite highly to me by a few people; now I've been offered a copy with a parrot and a wooden leg, so I guess I'll be adding it to my collection soon.
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