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Slow day

Woke up at 8am with the rain bucketing down outside and my face aching all over. The sound of rain, normally comforting, made me realise that I was feeling quite dehydrated. Stumbled down the hall to the kitchen, took two aspirin and a Sudafed, drank two glasses of water, and crashed back into bed, finally crawling out again at 11am.
I really didn't do much today. Watched some DVDs, ran a load of washing through, ventured out and bought some groceries when the rain stopped. That was all. I couldn't even work up any enthusiasm for shopping, which is ununsual enough. Just a symptom of how low I've been feeling. I think I needed to have this totally lazy day, after the rotten horrible week it's been.
And guess what? It's nearly midnight and I'm still wired. Don't imagine I'll be getting to sleep any time soon. I have bourbon, and a cat on my lap, and fic to read. Thank goodness tomorrow's Sunday and I can sleep in again.

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