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Giving Drink-Driving a whole new meaning.

Good News Week last night commented on the fact that Prince Charles has had his 38 year old Aston Martin converted to run on wine, which is more greenhouse-friendly. This puts the price of petrol into perspective: one litre of fuel ranges from $1.44 to $1.56 depending on the day of the week, while a cask of even the cheapest red retails around $15 for four litres. All of a sudden petrol doesn't seem that expensive.
Apparently the EU sets limits on how much wine a vineyard can produce (whatever happened to market economies?) and surplus English wine is being turned into biofuel. The mpg achieved is abysmal; ten miles per gallon, which equates to 45 bottles of wine. However the fuel is slightly less than the cost of petrol and puts out 85% less CO2.
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