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Nerves time

I've entered a cat show! I know, that probably sounds funny coming from me, but it's been nearly twelve months since I've actually put an exhibit in a show.
Today was set-up for tomorrow's QICC show, and while putting up the cages I arranged for an extra cage to be put in the Longhair Alters ring, as there was a space left at the end of the table - then rushed home and bathed Princess Fatty Kitten. She was none too pleased, although she's forgiven me now. I'm nervous about tomorrow, though, because she is an absolute cow sometimes at shows, and I haven't shown her since May 06 for that reason. But one of the judges at tomorrow's show has given PFK some high placings in the past, so good things could happen.
Or not. Worst case scenario, PFK tries to eat a judge, and I instantly retire her permanently. No harm done, she's still my beautiful precious girl at home.
I'll make sure I'm working far far away from the Longhair Alters ring tomorrow, because I don't think my nerves could take it, watching and waiting for her to misbehave. Stewarding on Shorthair Kittens sounds like a good idea.
Anyway, watch this space....
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