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I guess the icon says it all.

She's not stupid, you know. In fact, for a Birman, she's actually pretty smart. Even after a two year hiatus she still remembered that a bath one day means a show the next day, and led me on a chase around the lounge room, up the hallway, through the spare room and out again before I could catch the Fatty Girl this morning. Cheeky little minx!

Anyway. She was happy enough when I benched her but I still took myself off to the shorthair kitten ring in fear and trepidation. I was able to see when she came out for the first judge, and I'm sure I saw her bare her teeth. Conversation with the judge afterwards:
Me: So how did she behave for you?
Denise: You know how sometimes they go completely rigid, every muscle is stiff, and they just LOOK at you? She did that.
Me: Oh, not good. She hasn't been shown since May 06, I think she's a bit nervous.
Denise: She used to do that back then, too.

Second ring, and I was close enough to hear the judge say to her "Lovely teeth, nice tonsils, shame we're not judging those today" as PFK hissed and huffed at her. Still, Judy wasn't put off by these antics - she is a Birman breeder too and knows how they can carry on, and that while they talk the talk they don't necessarily walk the walk! It didn't help my heart, though, which was pounding.

Ring three and she came out as good as gold, total little angel, even reached up and gave the judge a kiss. What was that all about?! What a shame she can't always act like that!

End result - three fourth placings. But the best news was that she got all three ACF Award of Excellence certificates, because the three cats that placed higher than her were all neuters, so she was the first placed spay!

She's quite convinced that such a good result deserves lots of attention and she's reminding me that I really should not be sitting here typing this up.

When I got home and went through her awards folder, I discovered that she already had 9 ACF AOE certificates towards the next level, and it only takes ten to move up a title. So she can now add "ACF AOE Bronze" to her name! (Well, once I send off the paperwork, she can).
Here she is sitting on her awards book - that's the ends of the ACF certificates that you can see sticking out from beneath her Fat and Hairy Bottom:

She's now curled up on her folder, having a little sleepie. She really is a doll, this girl.
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