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Well that was interesting.

It's funny how much we rely on technology, and how lost we are without it.
Arriving at work this morning I discovered that due to an Optus fault we had no systems, no telephones, no alarms, nothing at all. Our bank-issued mobiles were all dead and our only contact with the outside world was through the branch manager's personal phone, which is on the Telstra network. I couldn't access my online diary so I had no idea what appointments I had, and when my customers did come in I had to take their applications manually, do the rough calculations and promise to get back to them. The branch itself was shut for normal business because no-one could confirm whether our back-to-base alarm system was functional.
It wasn't only our branch, though. The whole east coast of Australia was involved, as someone on the Gold Coast apparently managed to dig through the main telecommunications cable, or so I heard.

Systems were up and going again shortly after midday, much to the dismay of our staff. The Terrible Twins had set up a poker game on the lunchroom table, two others were watching daytime tv, and manager was having a big clean-out of the back cupboards when we came back online.

And then the phones went mad. It was 4.30 by the time I'd returned the last phone call, and finally I could start getting some work done. Stayed back until 6.30 trying to catch up, and will probably need to do the same tomorrow.
Ah well, I want to go home early on Thursday, and now I can justify it.
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