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D's farewell tonight. His last day was Wednesday - boss turned up with a bouquet for him (that faint sound of retching is coming from me, over in the corner) and told him he'd be welcome if he ever wanted to come back.

So today I'm knocking off at lunchtime and heading over to Garden City. I need to pick up D's farewell gift (so many people have thrown money in, it's amazing) and then I'll just poke around for a bit until everyone starts arriving. It's slated for a 4pm start but most won't arrive until well after that, due to work. I have nearly a week in time in lieu clocked up so I don't feel guilty at all in leaving early.
One of tonight's attendees was our area manager 3 area managers ago (if you follow!). Disturbing to realise that it's only been 22 months since he left....
Also disturbing to see the changes over the last few years. In 2005 we had a state manager and two area managers. Now we have a state manager, three area managers, each of whom has a Personal Assistant, and three lending development managers. That's ten non-productive people. Branch numbers in that time have risen from 18 to 26 but we're still top-heavy IMO.
Meanwhile, at the coal face, we've been instructed to cut all expense. One branch won't even supply coffee, sugar and milk for its staff because it impacts on their costings.
The bottom line is, if I were a PA or LDM I'd be feeling very nervous round about now.

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