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All Rugged Up

I found a rug for the lounge room today. I haven't bought it yet, as I didn't have time to get a good look at it, but I'm going back tomorrow with the intention of grabbing it. I was describing it to Ezekiel earlier this evening and had to admit it sounded like a Mediterranean wedding - kinda shag, with lilac, pink and orange bits. Well, stripes, actually. Believe me, it looks better than it sounds.

Still sitting here in the cold. I had a gasfitter come on Friday and put in the connections for my gas heater, then today the gas bottles were delivered. However they weren't connected up - apparently the gasfitter was supposed to put down a concrete pad for the bottles to sit on. No pad, no connection. Bummer. Glad it's not all that freezing tonight, and I still have my little fan heater in the office. Indy Jones is inside with me and he keeps sitting in front of the heater then looking at me with his soulful blue eyes, waiting for me to turn the heater on for him. He's been spending his days curled up in the bean bag nearby, judging by the amount of cathair on it.

That's another thing about this rug. It won't show up every single cat hair. And with longhaired white cats, especially in the warmer months, that's important.
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