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So long, farewell, adieu

D's farewell last night / this morning was AWESOME. Much laughs, little sadness - just because we won't be working together any more it doesn't mean we won't keep in touch. There was quite a good turnout, too, including the ex boss I mentioned yesterday. Lovely to catch up with him! He was my boss in NSW, too, and he transferred to Qld shortly after I did, and became my boss here again until Sept 06 when he left to find greener pastures. Ironically, the same pastures that D will be grazing in from now on.
As a result of a conversation last night I've scored myself tickets to a Historic race meeting at Morgan Park Raceway in Warwick next month. Should fit right in - I'm feeling rather "historic" myself. But seriously - Mustangs, Minis, Toranas etc... what a fantastic weekend it will be.
Tags: motor racing, work

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