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Watching Time Fly

It's actually been a week since I last posted here - what with trying to clear my desk so that I could have a week off, processing cat show entries, and watching the Olympics, the time has absolutely flown by!
And now its the first day of my week off, and yup, processing show entries. What fun - not. There's so much to do and I'm such a control freak that until I know the last little thing has been done I can't relax. I know anonpussynamer knows what I'm talking about! The show is on this Sunday and I'm still taking entries, too, so I can't finish off any of the myriad of jobs that are half-done. I've spent all morning updating the catalogue with recent entries, and I've just finished counting rosettes & verifying that they're all present. I'm closing off entries tomorrow night, finishing the catalogue on Wednesday, printing challenge certificates on Thursday, then Friday is dedicated to printing catalogue, picking up the key to the hall and supervising delivery of the litter.
And in the middle of it all, tomorrow, I'm getting my car windows tinted.
I think I'll need a week off to recover from this one.
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