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It's done.

Everything is finished. Catalogue was printed yesterday, prizes were delivered today, and all that remains is to set up the hall tomorrow for Sunday's show. I'm starting to get excited about it now, even though the physically hardest bit is still to come.

Bathed Princess Fatty Kitten today. I love the smell of freshly-bathed cat! Once they're blow-dried and have talcum powder sprinkled through their coats they smell gorgeous - I can't smell Johnson's Baby Powder now without associating it with cat shows.

This week seems to have stretched on forever. In between show work I've found time for a few more pleasant things; on Tuesday I had my car windows tinted which should make quite a difference this summer. Managed to pimp the window tinter into The Mighty Boosh - I had the audio CD playing in my car and he really enjoyed it, so he kept it to make a copy. Meanwhile he gave me a copy of a CD called "Bad News" - the guys responsible for the tv show "The Young Ones" as rock and roll stars. God its funny. I was listening to it in my car and laughing so hard I had to pull off the road until I caught my breath.

And on Wednesday I had lunch with the guy who resigned from my branch last month. He's enjoying the challenge of his new role with his new bank. Was lovely to catch up with him.

Ah well, in 48 hours the show will be over, and I'll be facing a return to work. At least I won't be dreading it, as I have been for the previous twelve months!

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