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Show's over, you can all go home.

Show's over and all went well. Almost. Apart from the Siamese who decided one of our judges would look better in red, and proceeded to make him bleed. Ouch.
So many people got stuck in and helped today; committee members, council members, and exhibitors, all contributed to the day's success.
But I'm going to have a little whinge.

I'm exhausted. I ache in places I didn't know I had. Not as sore tonight was I was last night though - after setting up with only the three of us to do it all. My arms and legs ache - I have a bruise on my thigh that is fully 5cm x 3cm where a table trolley tipped over on me, all of my fingers are sore from twisting the clips, my shoulder feels like it's stiffening up again (NOOOOO!) and in general I feel pretty second hand. We really need to find more help for this. None of us is getting any younger!

On the Plus side, our judges were terrific and I really enjoyed talking with them, especially catching up with our two interstaters who I haven't seen for ages. And my kids didn't do too badly either, with Princess Fatty Kitten progressing from Gold to Diamond, and Chicken going from Double Grand to Bronze Double Grand. AND they behaved themselves which is always a bonus.

But we still need to find more helpers. And somehow, someway, get more younger people involved.
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