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The Good, The Bad, and The Positively Wonderful

Finally my heater is all connected up, gas bottles installed, and all ready to go. Never mind that it was 24 degrees inside when I got home from work tonight, I still had to try it out. It works!

On the other hand, my little freezer gave up the ghost. It's 15 years old, and I know nothing lasts forever, but still a disappointment. I'm just glad that all I had in it was about 10 night's worth of cat meat. Was planning on stocking up this weekend, but it will have to wait now.

The best news - I found out today that I passed my DRA exam. Now I just have to complete a few case studies, and I should have my own lending approval authority level. I only expect to get $200,000 to start with, which means most of my loans will still involve submissions for approval, but it's a start.

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