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You get what you pay for.

Never has that adage been more true. Earlier I mentioned that I was going out yesterday to buy a new set top box, and that I didn't want to spend too much, owing to the age of my tv. I went to JB Hi Fi and found a HD box for $100 - the first indication I had that all might not be well, was when the saleslady said to me "If you have any problems..." (here she shrugged) "...just bring it back".
Hello, thought I, does this mean that this one has a reputation for problems? Well if it didn't, it should have. Firstly the remote control was possessed; it had a mind of its own, and trying to get into the menu to start scanning for tv channels was an exercise in frustration. Click the button, jump into the menu and straight back out again. Finally it went into the menu and stayed there, but then I had to scroll down through the menu to make a selection, and it didn't want to do that. No, it wanted to jump to the bottom of the menu, then back to the top, then right out again.
After nearly half an hour of wrestling with the remote I was able to convince it to search for, and find, more than just Channel 7. But there were jagged lines like heavy rain obscuring the picture. AARGH!
So I disconnected the thing and took it back today. Not a word was spoken by salespeople when I explained that I wished to return it, once again proof that they knew it was a piece of crap. I spent a bit more money on another model from a different manufacturer, brought it home and within 10 minutes I had tv again. Just in time for Good News Week!
Moral of the story? Avoid Soniq digital set top boxes.

ETA: except... except... GNW isn't on tonight! Where did it go?

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