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Hinterlands Cat Show at the Gold Coast today.

What on earth made me think that wearing black to a cat show was a good idea - especially as I breed longhaired white cats and we're coming into the moulting season? Someone slap me upside the head.
And boots. My poor feet are so sore tonight, I doubt they'll ever forgive me.
One of the cats I judged today in the Companion section was an absolutely delightful red mackerel tabby and white boy by name of Sookie. This boy has an interesting history - he's 12 years old, and was rescued from the RSPCA one year ago when his owner dumped him, because she was moving to Perth and it was too much trouble to take him with her. A lady from the kitten rescue society just happened to be coming out of the RSPCA when the owner was bringing Sookie in, and she took him, knowing that otherwise his was a death sentence.
How can someone do that? Eleven years they'd had that cat, and a sweeter, more placid boy you'd be hard-pressed to find. It made me cry, and it also made me very angry. Some people should be shot.
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