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Motoring down Memory Lane

From the book "The Australian Ugliness" written by architect Robin Boyd, and first published in 1960:-
"No one in his right mind could expect a popular Australian car at the point of sale to be anything but a pale copy of Detroit style, unadventurous and unoriginal even when of better design.
On the other hand, there is every reason to expect that soon after it reaches the street it will be adorned with a remarkable collection of entirely original Australian accessories, including plastic draft deflectors, bobbles or a fringe round the rear window, football-striped cushions on the back shelf, red reflecting sticky-tape on the bumper bar, and a variety of comical yellow transfers on the windows, including one showing a curvacious Abo lass above the caption "Genuine Australian Body".
They left out the noddy-head dog, and the black flocked velvet cushions with scenes painted on in glitter!
Hands up who remembers any of this?
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