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Wonderful weekend

Yes, I know the weekend ended last night but I was way too tired to think.
Saturday was the combined Holiday Coast Cat Club / Northern NSW Cat Club annual allbreeds Championship show - this is the reason that I took my day off on Friday, as I had to drive down the coast for it.

* The new Tugun bypass cuts at least 15 minutes off the trip south - no more traffic lights through the Gold Coast.
* Petrol isn't that much dearer at Halfway Creek than in Brisbane
* Navy blue doona covers (at my friend's place where I stayed) don't go with white cat hair.
* Coffs hasn't changed all that much. The highway alternative route through Hogbin Drive is now open, but that's about it.
* I don't function well after 5 hours of sleep, broken by a cat continually trying to dig through the mattress. Thanks Chicken.
* The judge I stewarded with, a Brisbane resident, was extremely surprised to discover that I no longer live in Coffs but moved to Brisbane - FOUR YEARS AGO. Didn't have the heart to tell him I'm actually president of his rival council. One shock was enough for the day.
* There's never enough time at a show to catch up with everyone. I had to wait until the after-show dinner to finally have a chinwag with anonpussynamer.
* Learner drivers should not be allowed out on the highway at the start of the school holidays, in areas where there is no passing lane for miles.
* I missed my home, and my cats, and was glad to get back!

* Took Chicken and the Fatty Girl. Both placed in the Top 5 in all four rings (just barely!) and Chicken won the Eye Colour class, which was lovely! She does have gorgeous eye colour.
* Winnings included four bags of litter, two big bags of Advance cat bikkies, two spray bottles of SmellGone, and a net thing for the front of a show cage. All useful things, especially the bikkies as they're not cheap.
* Bought a stuffed cat striped in the colours of my loungeroom; also two teaser wands, to use when I judge.

Overall, a wonderful weekend, but it is nice to be back in my own bed again.
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