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Committing Ruggery

It's going to happen! Ever since I saw that bloody Joseph-and-the-amazing-technicolour-dreamrug last week I've wanted it with a passion, but been reluctant to commit my credit card to it. I'd have paid half the asking price, no question, but couldn't justify paying what they want, even though it's reduced by $100. It's a matter of opportunity cost - by buying the rug I'm missing out on something I actually need, like a new light fitting for the dining room. Or food, or something. Although I've proved one CAN live on cup-a-soup alone. As long as one doesn't mind the odd bout of scurvy.

But I digress. Today in the mail I received a cheque for a refund of stamp duty paid when I purchased this house. And guess how much said cheque is for. I'll even have change.... But before I rush in and buy the Mediterranean wedding rug I'll check out the flokati rugs I saw in a shop last week. I don't mind those either, and if they're half the price of the rainbow item, then I might a flokati instead.

Either way, by the end of the weekend I intend to have a rug.
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