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What a Day

Woken at 8.30 by the alarm, closely followed by the telephone. My friends who were supposed to be coming up to Brisbane for the weekend weren't able to come, Malcolm was pretty sick & he and Lorelle had both been up all night. But they will make it another time, and I had plans for the day.

Firstly off to Hay You and stock up on cat food, $230 later I was headed towards Freedom Furniture. Well, I had to go almost right past so why not call in? Actually there was something there I'd been meaning to buy, it's a unit for my tv, video, dvd player and stereo to sit on. Talk about timing, it was on sale this weekend and I saved $130. Next stop was Spotlight so I could check out the goaty-thing rugs (as per lj yesterday) and they were on sale as well and I saved another $50. Meanwhile I also bought curtains for my bedroom and a Rod Stewart cd (I can hear Ezekiel groaning from here).

After lunch I went to Bunnings and bought a heap of paint. Tomorrow I plan on painting the loungeroom; I can watch the V8 Supercars in between coats. Monday I'll do my bedroom. Yay for long weekends, plenty of time for slavery.

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