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Sunday night already.

Where did the weekend go? After the frantic pace and late nights of last week I need more than two days to unwind. It's a cruel fact that weekend hours are shorter than work hours; each hour still contains sixty minutes but weekend hours feel like the minutes are compressed or something. Suddenly it's Sunday night and you think "whoa, how did I get here so soon?"
Yesterday afternoon was the Birman club Christmas party. Very enjoyable but way too short; I drove for an hour to get there, stayed four hours then drove home again. Next year a few of us are going to carry it on into the evening, planning a restaurant dinner after the party. Wish we'd thought of doing that yesterday.
For yesterday's party my offering was stuffed potatoes, which is about the only thing I remember how to cook. I had a couple of people ask me how I made them so they must have been acceptable.
Today was shopping; groceries and some Christmas shopping. How are you all getting on with yours? I still have a couple of things to pick up but am mostly done. If work slackens off a bit I want to head into the city at the end of the week, to wish our Credit Support people a merry Christmas (or whatever, if anything, they celebrate). On Wednesday morning our branch is having a Holiday breakfast (we have a team member who doesn't "do" Christmas) and on Wednesday night I'm having dinner with a work friend from another branch so it will be a full day.

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