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Making Less of Me.

My son gave up smoking last year, with the aid of a book which had him actually excited about the whole idea. He couldn't wait to finish the book so that he could give the fags away. So far so good, he hasn't had a cigarette since last April when he finally finished the book.

The author of that book has also written a book on losing weight, and I'm halfway through it at present. It makes you think about your food choices, and constantly reinforces its message. But it's not brainwashing; rather it makes you aware of the food you eat, and makes you consciously question your choices. He keeps repeating that you can eat what you want, when you want, and as much of it as you want, and still lose weight. How? By changing what you want to eat.

That sounds really simplistic - but just one chapter in and I was thinking about what I was eating. I had takeaway with a friend that night and suddenly came to the realisation that I don't particularly like chips - the fish & chips variety chips, that is. And yet I buy them, and eat them, both oven-bake chips and french fries from fast food places.

If anyone's interested, the book is "Allen Carr's Easyweigh to Lose Weight". I've simplified his message above; the book goes into a lot of details and covers a lot more than simply "think about what you're eating". It's worth a look if you, like me, resolved to lose weight this year.

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