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Genetics doesn't (don't?) work like that

A little cat tail tale.
(or, the little choccy point who wanted to be lilac)

This is my loungeroom - see the pretty purple/lilac paint? See the air conditioner in the top corner? It's old, and way too small for the job. So today the ever-so-helpful refrigeration mechanic arrived at sparrow-fart to fit a new one, which is longer from side to side but not as tall as the old one, meaning I needed to touch-up the paint above the new one.


This is Tang, my chocolate point Birman. Tang likes to help.

Do you start to see where I'm going with this?

Helpful cat + open paint tin = one 7kg wombat-cat tucked under my arm while I ran cold water over his tail, trying (successfully, I might add) to get the pretty purple paint out.
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