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I had a good weekend, how about you?

And so the weekend ends. I had a totally lazy day today; did some washing, scrubbed a floor, but spent the majority of the afternoon sprawled on the lounge watching the tennis. Did anyone else see the match between Serena Williams and Sam Stozur? I really thought Sam had it in the bag at one stage.

Last night I mucked about with my insanejournal site, setting up my custom mood icons. I have two sets at present; the Pros set made by Nell Howell which I'm using atm, and a set of mood icons from The Sentinel which I made a couple of years ago. It was interesting to note that most of the happy/bouncy icons featured Blair, while the grumpy/irritated set were predominantly Jim. I know I didn't set out consciously to make them that way!
Anyway, if anyone would like a set of Sentinel mood icons to use, sing out.
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