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I used to spend rainy school holidays organising my books; all fiction went in strict alphabetical order based on the author's surname, while non-fiction was catalogued according to the Dewey Decimal System. Yes, I was a geek. A geek who gained untold enjoyment from just messing around with books. "Libraries" was one of my sister and my favourite games; each of us had a library card that entitled us to borrow books from each other.
Going to the municipal library was a treat in itself. Every second Monday night Dad would take us to the solid red brick building on the corner of John St and Railway Parade. Entering that building was a sensory delight; the smell of floor polish, the hushed silence, the sight of more books than I could ever read. I was six years old when Dad first started taking me there. And everywhere I've lived since, I've had a library card.
And now there's this site - Library Thing - where you can catalogue your books to your heart's content. I'm still exploring it, but having a ball doing so.

Started last week at 71.2kg. Started this week at 69.7kg. So far so good.

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