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It's a Gas

I can't believe how the price of petrol fluctuates. There's a service station I pass every day, and at the beginning of the week it's usually around five cents a litre cheaper than anywhere else, but by the end of the week the price has usually risen steeply. I needed petrol tonight so I watched the prices as I drove home. The first service station I passed, a BP at Indooroopilly, was also the most expensive at 98 cents per litre. Gradually the prices came down until I reached Browns Plains where the Woolworths Plus wanted 89.5 cents, with a further four cents off if you had a petrol voucher from Woolies. This one was on the other side of the road to me, across unbroken double lines, so I decided to keep going and check out the Shell nearer to home. And if it was more expensive, I could retrace to the Woolies. Anyway, the Shell turned out to be 88.5cents, with four cents off if you had a Coles petrol voucher. Which I did. So by filling up there I saved 14 cents over the first service station. Which doesn't seem like a lot, but when you consider I now spend in a week what it used to take me a month to use, it sure adds up. I'd even thought about maybe getting a smaller car but then my car is still pretty economical, and I like to have that power under my right foot if needed. Yep, still a leadfoot at heart I'm afraid. Haven't changed all that much from my Torana days.

Which reminds me - late last year our branch was visited by one of the Head Office lending team bigwigs, and I was delegated to drive him to the airport after his visit. He insisted that I knew him from 19-mumble when we both worked for the Rural Bank of NSW in St Marys, but for the life of me I couldn't place him - until after I dropped him off. Getting back to work I fired off a quick email - "You drove a dark blue Escort with MH number plates, and lived in the Blue Mountains. I drove a cream-coloured LH Torana with spoilers hanging off it, and BW number plates." Bloody silly, I could remember his car, but not him....

What's the definition of embarrassment, BTW? Presenting a Woolies discount voucher in a Coles service station. Ooops! Did that one a few weeks ago....

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