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A Day in the Life

I fitted a lot in today. My sister had a 7 hour stopover between disembarking from a cruise ship in Brisbane and flying back home to Sydney, and she spent most of it with me. Good times.
When she left I bathed PFK for a show tomorrow, first one of the year. Did some shopping, bought two pairs of jeans for $30 in total.

Spent an hour trying on my clothes, checking that everything still fits (just barely!) Once dinner was cooked, watched an episode of Arthur of the Britons while I ate. I'm more than halfway through now; will have to rewatch from the beginning once I've finished the first run through. Kai fascinates me; he's the rock anchoring Arthur throughout.

And now I'm faffing about on the net, always fun. Over on GAFF, I've been browsing the "classics" and decided to torture myself with one. Paul McCartney RPS with MPREG, anyone? It's All Too Much. Warning - there's a reason it ended up on GAFF. This is not helped by the radio station playing "A Day In The Life", reminding me of the Awesome that was The Beatles.

I like this radio station. It broadcasts from the UK and it calls itself "Absolute Classic Rock". It's interesting, listening to ads for Tesco etc. And now they're playing "D'yer Mak'er" by Led Zeppelin. I like this song! (uses Led Zep icon in tribute)

ETA: I just finished reading "It's All Too Much". I can honestly report that my WTF-ometer is off the scale
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