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I have a bowl of grapes in the fridge. Nothing nicer on a hot day than a handful of cool, sweet grapes. And it's been warmish, too - 27 degrees already when I got up this morning, with a humidity level around 80%. And now, at 11pm, the temp is once more 27 degrees outside.

Management committee meeting today, at which we had to vote whether or not to accept the Munchkin cat. Vote was 13-1 against acceptance as we do not want to promote a genetic deformity. I've seen some of these cats, at Coffs last year I think it was, and I was appalled. Sweet faces and lovely natures, but oh! the legs.
Could be worse, though. Could be a Twisty cat. Those things are a crime against nature.

This is a long weekend too. I'm thinking I might wander over to Garden City tomorrow, specifically to Tree of Life, and look for a shirt. Or some incense, at least. No plans at all for Monday. Sweet!
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