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Long weekend lethargy

To paraphrase Ted Bulpitt (and who else would you paraphrase on Australia Day?) someone ought to blow headaches up. A whole long weekend spent feeling miserable was not fun.
Took things very easy yesterday and today; caught up with some viewing mainly. Firstly Shrek 3 - kids movies they may be but they never fail to make me laugh. Puss in Boots rocks! And where else would you get Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, John Cleese, Eric Idle, and Justin Timberlake in the one cast? Totally delightful.
Also watched St.Trinians, solely for the hotness that is Russell Brand. Bonus points for Stephen Fry; I didn't realise he was in it until the credits played at the start. Probably not much more that one can say about that movie, TBH.
Caught up with a couple of eps of The Professionals; yesterday watched "Operation Susie" because I missed it last week, followed by "It's Only a Beautiful Picture" (rebel copper Doyle!) then today watched "You'll be All Right", this week's Global Pros Watch episode. Nothing I can say that hasn't already been pointed out; Chrissy could be a Doyle clone in that scene in the driveway, Doyle's watch read 9.30 from what I could see, when he was complaining at being woken in the middle of the night, and Bodie's "You'll do, for me" made me :D .

Then when headache lifted this afternoon I sat down and FINALLY finished "Yellow Brick Road" by Kate McLean. It's taken me months to read - it hurt too much to read in one sitting. A gay friend once pointed out to me that gay relationships are even more "fucked in the head" (his words!) than straight relationships, because at least in straight couples there's usually one partner who wants to talk things through and will force the issue when need be. But get two guys together, when neither of them wants to communicate... and you get "Yellow Brick Road". I wanted to shake the pair of them to bring them to their senses!
I'm still not sure what role Murph played in it though. Was Bodie using him as a surrogate? If so, why? How could sex with Murph be any safer than with Doyle, even if Bodie had no real feelings for Murph at all? With Ben it was clear from the outset where he stood with Doyle, and both Ben and Doyle accepted that the relationship would never go any further. Was it the same for Murph?
Or am I missing the point entirely?

And tonight there's lots of lovely fic, thanks to discoveredinalj's Burns Night challenge....
Taking the phone off the hook now.

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