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Almost bedtime

The rain is bucketing down outside at the moment. It's a comfy sound; I won't have trouble getting to sleep tonight. The last few days have been quite wet, and hot, so that at times it feels like you're sucking air through a wet flannel. Sure beats winter though.

There's a DVD I want that sells for $109 at Sanity and EzyDVD, and slightly less at JB HiFi, but is only 22 pounds at amazon.co.uk including postage. At today's exchange rate, that's a tad short of $50. I ordered it....

I have a lovely long Pros fic to read this weekend, having printed out Pamela Rose's Double Vision. Then I really must go back and re-read Where The Worms Are in honour of Elizabeth Walsh, who featured in last week's Proswatch ep. I enjoyed seeing a strong female character who's not only a match for B&D but has the measure of Cowley as well.

Speaking of fic, I tried reading some Emergency! fic lately. What's that all about? The amount of whump!Johnny fic I came across, the poor guy can't have an unbroken bone in his body. Seriously, it's not even a subset of the fandom, rather it IS the fandom.

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