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Re-defining dogma.

I'm going to start this off by saying that I'm not a religious person in the organised church-going Jesus-believing sense of the word, just so you're aware that I don't have any particular barrow to push here.

This story has me bemused. On the one hand - kudos to Father Kennedy for allowing women to preach, and blessing homosexual couples.
BUT... and this is kind of a big "but"... he proclaims himself a Catholic. Now as I understand it - and believe me, I've looked into a lot of religions, trying to see what the believers see - the Catholic religion specifically prohibits women preaching, and homosexuals are poor misguided souls whose "lifestyle choice" is repugnant to their Lord. (We won't get into the debate about their Lord not loving his "failures" here; I've heard that often enough from subby69).
So - is Father Kennedy a Catholic, in the true dogma-believing sense of the word? I'd say not. And what does that make his followers, then? Enlightened, yes, but Catholic?

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