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Don't know where I'm going, but I know where I've been.

Whoever invented my satnav doovey should be shot.
I had to pick up some paperwork on my way home from work tonight. Switched on the not-so-trusty GPS tracker, plugged in the address and away I went, no hassles.
Getting home again was a different story. Just lately, whenever I use the GPS to get somewhere, it refuses to pick up a signal when I switch it back on to navigate me home. I've learned to pay attention to the route it takes me on when I'm going, just so I can do it in reverse when I leave. And sure enough it did it to me again on the way home tonight.
Mind you, it did eventually come good. I was a block away from home when the voice intoning "Turn right, 500 metres" startled the hell out of me.

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