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Really tired tonight.
This morning was spent mucking about with cat show cages; a lot of them needed cleaning and we also had way more than we need on the trailer, so we unloaded a heap and stacked them in the council-owned shed. It was hard work in the heat; I think I lost weight just through sweat. It had to be done now, though, as our next show is next weekend.
It's going to get better, slowly. We're encouraging our exhibitors to buy their own cages, and by the end of the year it's anticipated that everyone will have their own cages. It can't come soon enough for me - setting up cages for a show is the absolute worst part of holding a show, and as we (QICC Inc) hold 9 shows per year that's an awful lot of cages to be hauled, carried in, put together, and then afterwards disassembled and returned to the trailer.
Home by 3pm; had a quick shower then off to do grocery shopping. Of course I got waylaid by the new fashions in clothing, and ended up flexing my credit card. Still trying to work out why my $40 purchase was discounted to $20, and my $35 top shows as being $19.95 with a 50% discount, reducing it further to $10. Plus a hairband - total purchase by my reckoning was $87 but I was only charged $42. I'm not arguing! I didn't see signs up anywhere advertising a sale on womens' clothing, only an underwear sale sign, but they're the prices that scanned so I won't complain.
Tomorrow I'm travelling to the airport with a friend while she drops her partner on his head off to board a plane (can you tell he's not my favourite person?) and then off to the Discount Factory Outlet complex, seeing as how it's just down the road from the airport. Should be a lot of fun.

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