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PC or not PC? That is the question.

I hate making decisions.
My pc is six years old now and rapidly approaching obsolescence (can you say "30G hard drive"?) and I've been looking at replacements lately. Last night, cruising the Dell website, I fell in love with their little Hybrid Studio machine, so off I went today to see it in RL. Talk about cute! I just love the look of it. It only stands about 30cm tall in total, including its stand.

So tonight I went to the Dell website and started customising. By the time I'd finished, their advertised price of $998 had risen to $1509 but what a sweet system it would be.
Next I had a look at their standard Inspiron desktops; to build up a system to the same specs as I had on the Hybrid came to $1227; in effect, if I bought the Hybrid, I'm paying nearly $300 extra just for looks.
Is it worth it? My Lover-Of-Things-Nice says YES! but my Inner Scrooge is screaming NO! In fact, Scroogie is reminding me that my existing pc still works, so what's the drama? Just because I can practically go and make a cup of tea while waiting for it to fire up....


See? Isn't that just the cutest thing?

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