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Sundry assorted boring stuff.

Latest email from amazon.co.uk had some hot new recommendations for me, including "Apparitions", "George Gently" and "Doctor In The House". Hmm... I sense a common thread.... :^)

Nights have been getting a bit cooler lately, to the point that I put a blanket on the bed earlier tonight. Won't be too much longer before I'm back in jeans and jumpers. The air con in the shopping centres is still turned way down, though, making me look longingly at the winter clothes that are starting to appear in the shops now. Hey, maybe that's the point!

House tonight was interesting - examining the subject of social contracts and collaborative lies. For most people it's an instinctive thing; knowing what to say and when to keep your mouth shut. And the level of brutal honesty that you can come out with is determined by the relationship with and expectations of the person you're dealing with at the time. Wilson admits that he tries so very hard to please; how the hell does he manage to deliver bad news to people dying of cancer? He has a huge issue to deal with on a personal level every time he has to break the news to someone, quite apart from any empathy he may be feeling. In an earlier ep House had commented that Wilson was the only doctor he knew whose patients thanked him for telling them they're dying, so obviously he's found a way to deliver the news and still live with himself.

It fascinates me, as I struggle to find a way of telling people that they don't qualify for a loan, or that their loan has been declined. I just tough it out, being blunt, but I doubt that endears me to people. And I do try to put a positive spin on it; "Hey, if you get your credit report cleared I can help you. How about you come back then? This is who you need to contact...." Or by working out savings plans or whatever. I've always struggled with saying no to people!

I have managed to say no in two major time-consuming areas of my life, just recently. Firstly I've stepped down from my union's state council as it was interfering too much with my job. I'm always going to give priority to my employment as it pays the bills. I'm still a local rep and that will have to suffice.
And I've just removed myself from a committee that I found myself on by default. It was only taking up a few hours per week but that's more time than I wanted to spend on it. When you find yourself resenting something it's time to hand the reins over to someone who actually wants to be involved.

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