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Over it (for now at least)

I'm absolutely knackered.
I know I've whinged and bitched about show set-up before but yesterday's was the worst ever.

The idea was to start early so that we would be finished at a reasonable time; chance is a fine thing! We had to load the show equipment into our cars so I arrived at the home of the lady who stores all our stuff at 10am. Yes, on a Saturday morning, after a 30 minute drive. Helped hook the trailer with all the show cages up to the show manager's car, but she didn't get out of Chris' backyard before she got bogged up to the axles.
No worries; neighbour had a 4WD and was happy to help. Then he got bogged too, before freeing Julie's car from the mud. Luckily neighbour's wife also had a 4WD, and was able to unbog her husband and then Julie in turn. As a result of all this we didn't make it to the hall until midday.
The guys we had recruited to help were busy putting legs on the tables we'd hired, and then they helped us set the tables out. They couldn't stick around any longer though as they had a soccer match to attend. Before they left they assisted by bringing most of the cages in, so that was one rotten job we avoided.
The hall itself wasn't accessible by car, which meant we had a 100 metre walk back to the cars for anything we needed. Like show prizes, for instance, which took numerous trips. The hall also had a leaky roof, and a lot of time was spent mopping the floor (we had a mop but no bucket - like some surreal Monty Python sketch!)
Then Julie and Chris needed to make a trip back to Chris' place to pick up more cages as there weren't enough on the trailer for the number of entries we had.
After all of this, it was 5.30pm before I got home yesterday and I could kiss goodbye my grocery shopping.

Today wasn't much better, although we did have some male muscles to help with pulling down the show after its conclusion; I think the worst bit was taking the legs off all the tables. Second-worst was pushing the cage-laden trailer back down to the car park. Did I mention that there was no direct car access to the hall, and the carpark was a good 150 metre walk away? No? Well it was. Not our usual hall this time - usual one wasn't available - and I doubt we'll use this one again. I still didn't get home until after 5.30pm so I still have no fresh fruit or milk or anything; will have to shop during my lunch break tomorrow for the essentials I think.

But, apart from that, it was a good show. I ring-clerked in Longhair Cats and Alters which was wonderful - a sit-down job! Yay! After yesterday I needed it. Everyone seemed pretty happy with their results and prizes, and I'm not aware of any complaints so I'd say the day went pretty smoothly.

Still, I'm glad it's a good four weeks until the next show.
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