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To the Vet's!

Rattybags has been off her feed lately so it was off to the vet for her today. She needs another dental, and has been booked for next Tuesday - but the vet is a bit concerned because this is the second time in 12 months she's needed dental work. Vet thinks there may be an underlying kidney problem, especially as one of the Rat's kidneys felt quite small. Worries, worries.

Vet appointment was for 9am so I had a bit of extra time this morning. Put it to good use, too; I've ordered The Scarlet Pimpernel from EzyDVD. I'd looked it up last week on amazon.co.uk but they were out of stock; it never occurred to me to look locally for it. I'd like to think it would arrive before Easter but I doubt it.

5th January, 71.2kg. 6th April, 65.2kg.

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