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Starting the week

Added to our list of approved countries for non-resident lending - Qatar. Where the hell is Qatar?

It's been a good week so far. Starting out with the weekend - on Saturday I visited friends on the Sunshine coast, and caught up with their visitor as well, a lady from South Africa with whom I used to exchange emails. Lovely day all round.

Sunday -out to Willowbank. Wonderful. Came home hot, grimy and tired - and not the least from sitting in a traffic jam for over an hour. Cunningham Highway became a giant car park at the conclusion of the race, and a normal 45 minute trip took me two hours.

Back to work Monday, the week has been a good one, steady without being flat-out. Approvals are starting to happen, (and I made target last month, my first full month in the branch!) and I'm catching up on all the little jobs I tend to put aside.

Just wish I felt a bit better. I had no voice for most of the weekend, and now I can't stop coughing. Would love to take a day off and just stay in bed, but there's always something I have to come into work for.

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