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Flat out like lizards drinking

Work has been hectic lately! Some of our fixed interest rates are moving (upwards) tomorrow and I spent yesterday afternoon ringing my gold customers to advise them of the move once I found out. This meant that I spent most of today, in between appointments, preparing switch forms for those who decided to fix before the rates moved. Meanwhile the business-as-usual stuff still went on, with applications, questions, phone calls etc. Packed up and left at 6.45pm by which time I was going cross-eyed staring at the pc screen.
One humorous moment when I overheard a customer at the teller's counter, who was saying that she had taken out a personal loan for $6000; she had subsequently paid back $6000 so as far as she was concerned the loan was paid back and she owed nothing else. I was having quite a giggle listening to the teller explaining the whole concept of interest!
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