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Travels through Chernobyl

The officials still keep the death toll at around 30 people, while unofficial sources already put the figure of 300,000 and sometimes over 400,000.

Chernobyl is not a place that I'd readily think of as a desirable destination. Some fairly graphic imagnes, along with an interesting narrative, can be found here.

"The sarcophagus will remain radioactive for at least 100.000 years. The age for the pyramids of Egypt is 5,000 to 6,000 years. Each cultural epoch left something to humanity, something immortal, like Judaic epoch left us Bible, Greek culture- philosophy, Romans contributed law and we are leaving Sarcophagus, the construction that going to outlive all other signs of our epoch and may last longer then pyramids." What a legacy we leave for our kids.

Some pretty scary photos, too, if you persevere.

"There is something really sad about this town, for thousand years people lived here, Great Minds discussed ideas, average people discussed events, Small Minds talked about others... no voice is heard here now, wild boars stake out their homes, wolves survey the desolate territory, of a town built and destroyed by man, an abandoned domain that is theirs now.."

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