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Another week I'll never get back.

Last week seemed to go on forever.
Sunday was my council's show, held in a new large venue which we're considering using for the National in 2011 when it's our turn to host. The one big drawback was the caterers; we had to use the regular caterers for the venue, and somehow they managed to translate "we need good sit-down meals for judges and workers, and hot food for the exhibitors" to mean "bung on some pies and sausage rolls, whip up a couple of salmon sandwiches, she'll be right!" Needless to say a lot of our exhibitors went to the McDonalds across the road, while the judges' lunches were ordered and collected from the shopping centre food court, just down the road.
Also, the venue had no tables so we had to hire these - and screw all the legs on before use, then unscrew them all and stack them up again at the end of the event! It was an exhausted M who crawled into her car at the conclusion of the day. And an stiff, sore and aching M the next morning, overwhelmingly glad it was a public holiday and I didn't have to go to work.

I stewarded with our visiting South African judge, who is a lovely lady and a lot of fun. I'd like to invite her out to judge again as she is truly delightful. The high point of the day was when my Hippie Chick was awarded Best In Show under another international judge, while the judge I worked with placed the chicken 2nd. And in typical show fashion, she got absolutely nowhere in the other two rings.

Wednesday night I accompanied a friend to the Women's Legal Resource Centre; it's staffed by solicitors and barristers on a volunteer basis and offers free legal advice to women. Got a laugh when friend told me that her soon-to-be-ex-partner wanted to come with her! So he could argue the toss, no doubt.

Ratty had a vet checkup and further blood test on Thursday. Good news for the Rat- the hemabartonella has completely cleared up, leading the vet to speculate that it may have indirectly been the cause of the inflated liver enzymes. She has to go back in a fortnight for a follow-up test, just to make sure that the numbers are still decreasing.

Friends from down south arrived on Friday. They had tickets to a C&W concert in Brisbane on Friday night and used my place as a base. It was late by the time they got back from the concert; shortly after midnight in fact. By that time I was using matchsticks to keep my eyes open. Finally made it to bed at 1am, only to get up again at 6 to head off to the Birman Show.

I entered both Hippie Chick and Princess Fatty Kitten. No expectations at all, due to it being the breed show; the very best Birmans in the country are on display and competition is really hot. As it was, the best Chicken managed was a Sixth (with a 15-point challenge) in the Birman Cat specialty ring, while PFK picked up a fifth in one of the allbreeds rings as well as all four Gold challenges. When I sat down afterwards to collate all her cards, I've found that she now has enough QFA Gold challenges to apply for QFA Platinum. I'll send off the paperwork this week, and then her full name will be:
ACF AOE Silver, CCCA Ch, NSW BDGC, QFA Platinum DGC, FCCQ Platinum DGC, QICC Diamond DGC Saavik Bacardi
How's that. Her title takes up a LOT more room than her name!

After rushing back from a cat show I knew I wouldn't feel like cooking last night, so had arranged to go to a restaurant for tea along with my son, his girlfriend, my houseguests, and my friend. I'd booked a table at the local Indian restaurant but when we got to where it used to be - it wasn't. The current tenants, a Thai restaurant, had no idea where the Indian place had gone! We walked around a little bit and couldn't see it, so settled for Chinese at a little restaurant that was totally empty. That should have been a warning, no? Now I'm not complaining about the food, which was enjoyable, or the service, which was quite quick; rather it was the owner's habit of coming over to our table for a chat that was disconcerting to say the least. Fair enough to come over and check if everything is all right, but to continue to stand there, smiling at as, while we're trying to eat, was just bizarre. Talking about it afterwards, we all admitted that she made us feel decidedly uncomfortable. No wonder the place was empty!

Friends headed back to southern pastures today, and I got out into the garden for a bit. Lovely sunny day for it too. I started pruning a few shrubs into a hedge shape, although I left the tops for another day when the things aren't flowering, as they were covered in bees and I have an aversion to being stung.

Back to work tomorrow but not in the office, rather I have to attend a meeting which is slated to end at 3pm. As it's being held at a location 45km south of my work place, I don't imagine I'll be getting back there at all.

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