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Bought a new computer today, or at least ordered it. I only went into the shop for a look-see, got talking to the salesman and the price of the machine I was looking at just kept getting lower. All up he knocked $300 off, then gave me a 5% discount because I work in the shopping centre, threw in a 22 inch Asus monitor instead of the 19" one that was advertised, and doubled the advertised hard drive from 500GB to 1TB at no extra cost. I think if I'd stayed another hour or so he'd have reduced it further but alas, my paid employment beckoned.

There's some major roadworks being carried out at present on the semi-main road that my street adjoins. They're doing a lot of the work at night to minimize traffic disruption. It's eerie, though; the noise carries, and one of their machines sounds uncannily like the TARDIS.
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